My Hero Academia Reveals Voice Actor For Its New Villain, Ending

My Hero Academia is getting ready to end the current saga of the Endeavor Agency Arc, but the [...]

My Hero Academia is getting ready to end the current saga of the Endeavor Agency Arc, but the number one hero and the Three Musketeers, aka Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki, are going to have to battle a major villain before the spotlight shifts to the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army. Ending is a villain who has a history with Endeavor, believing that the number one hero is the only one that will be able to deliver the killing blow and will do anything to make sure that the flame hero is the one to take his life.

Ending originally saw Endeavor capture a thief who has a surprising connection to hero society when the current number one hero placed the bandit Keigo Takami in the grasp of the authorities. Takami was in fact the father of Hawks, who was delivered into the hands of the Public Safety Commission and became the number two hero in record time, despite only being in his early twenties. With the latest episode revealing that Ending was released from prison during its post-credit scene, the next episode is sure to give us an intricate look into the villain's Quirk as he attempts to die at Endeavor's hands by any means necessary.

The Official Twitter Account for My Hero Academia revealed that Ending will be voiced by veteran voice actor, Kisho Taniyama, who has been a part of anime series including the likes of Attack On Titan, Pokemon, Boruto, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and countless others:

My Villain Academia has been the long-awaited storyline that will focus on Shigaraki and his gang, and while the anime decided to switch its placement with the Endeavor Arc, fans are still highly anticipating the villain civil war that will shake up the status quo and lead to a bloody season six.

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