My Hero Academia Kicks the New Year Off With Surprisingly Dark Manga

The new year is here, and that means a lot is gunning for My Hero Academia. Not only is the series debuting a new season in 2022, but Class 1-A has a ton going on in the manga. This means creator Kohei Horikoshi has a slammed 2022 schedule, but he is making time to celebrate the year's arrival for fans. But as it turns out, his gift has rubbed some of his heroes the wrong way…

The update came courtesy of aitaikimochi as they posted a still of the manga. It turns out Shueisha published the one-page special in its New Year's magazine, but it didn't get an English turnaround until now. As you can see below, the whole special deals with a traditional New Year's dish that sounds great until Hawks hears about it.

The My Hero Academia special begins with Ochaco and Jiro eating mochi before Kaminari brings up a point about eating something special for the new year. Izuku is the one who mentions a dish called Kiviak, and well – it is meant for a certain appetite.

"It is a pretty famous dish that's eaten in colder regions such as Alaska," Izuku shares. "You ferment little auk sea birds inside the stomach of a seal. You then slurp the innards of the bird from its butt. You can eat the whole thing too apparently!"

While Kirishima is left stunned by the lesson, Ashido is all too ready to eat the treat. Or at least, she is until Hawks and Tokoyami interrupt the group. The flock takes the wind out of Ashido's sails as she realizes both have tight ties to birds... so eating Kiviak might not go over so well. That is, if the pair were to find out about the buffet...

What do you think of this wild new year's manga? Will you be keeping up with My Hero Academia in 2022? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.