New My Hero Academia Sales Chart Proves the Manga Has Been a Hit Since the Start

My Hero Academia has come a long way since first hitting the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2014, slowly becoming one of the biggest anime franchises that has garnered five seasons and three movies to date. With this year set to be another big one for Midoriya and company, a recent sales chart has shown that Kohei Horikoshi's epic superhero tale has made a splash since the early days of UA Academy and the villains that would continue to plague their lives for years to come.   

With three movies and five seasons of television under its belt, My Hero Academia has stood alongside Shonen franchises that have had a much bigger headstart, including the likes of One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Naruto to name a few. Currently, there are fifty million copies of the manga created by Kohei Horikoshi in circulation, though the first volume of the series, before the anime series had debuted, had a relatively respectable number and saw its subsequent volumes increase prior to Studio Bones' creating the adaptation. While the series is currently hitting its highest numbers, it seems that the story of Deku struck a chord with fans prior to truly hitting the big time.

Twitter User WSJOricon shared this breakdown of the sales of My Hero Academia's manga since it first debuted in 2014, also going so far as to show how the manga sales increased concurrently with the debut of anime seasons, proving that the Shonen franchise has only continued to grow more popular with each release:

Earlier in 2021, Deku and his friends found themselves fighting against their fellow classmates in the fifth season of the television series while also receiving their third movie in My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission. While a new film has yet to be announced for 2022, the sixth season of the series is set to arrive this fall, which will see the major adaptation of the War Arc pit all the heroes against the forces of Shigaraki and the Paranormal Liberation Front. Needless to say, the heroes have quite a few challenges ahead of them in both the anime and the manga later this year.


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