My Hero Academia Confirms Another Pro Hero's Death

My Hero Academia has confirmed that another pro hero is dead and gone. That hero is Star and Stripe, the no. 1 hero from America, who traveled to Japan with her team of "Bros" to confront the hybrid villain that is All For One and Tomura Shigaraki. Star and Stripe's god-level quirk, New Order, had been targeted by All For One for some time – but the battle with the American hero nearly eradicated the archvillain. Still, AFO Shigaraki prevailed and managed to disintegrate Star and Stripe and steal her quirk – but the American hero wasn't quite dead dead yet. 

When All For One stole the New Order quirk, he found out that Star and Stripe left it boobytrapped with one last reality-bending rule: New Order revolts against other quirks. That new rule set New Order to work tearing through All For One's collection of stolen quirks, forcing the villain into a desperate scramble to hand the quirk off to another, and preserve it for safekeeping. However, there's one final surprise for All For One when the other quirks inside of him end up destroying the vestige of Star and Stripe that remained "alive" inside of AFO Shigaraki. 

My Hero Academia fans have had theories that Star and Stripe's "death" wouldn't turn out to be all that it seemed, and that the no.1 American hero would resurface to help All Might and Izuku Midoriya at the key climactic moment in the battle with AFO Shigaraki. However, that's clearly not going to be the case now, as Star and Stripe is about as dead as a character can get in My Hero Academia. The series has played fast and loose with the concepts of life and death – as best illustrated by Izuku Midoriya and All Might's connection to the power of One For All. But clearly My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi has some other kind of payoff in mind for this mini-arc with Star and Stripe. 

The talk of My Hero Academia fan chat has been all about power levels, as we head into the final arcs of the manga. The War Arc transformed Shigaraki into a somewhat over-powered antagonist on his own, and then added All For One into that mix, as well. After the war, AFO Shigaraki has been through an additional power-boosting process, and his battle with Star and Stripe has shown he's all about indestructible and able to kill the strongest heroes in the world. 

...Until now. 


Star and Stripe's sacrifice has now left AFO Shigaraki significantly de-powered, having lost some of the quirks he'd already compiled over the years. The battle also left AFO Shigaraki injured and in need of more power recharge process, while the heroes gained valuable intel from the battle data that can be used to kill AFO Shigaraki. 

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