My Hero Academia: What Happens to All For One Now?

All For One has been the perfect villain for the professional heroes and aspiring crime fighters in My Hero Academia, with the Quirk allowing its user to steal the powers of others and add said abilities to their own. With the latest chapter of the manga, however, a serious monkey wrench has been thrown into the plans of the villain that holds the same name as his Quirk, as well as the plans of his heir apparent, Shigaraki. With the world of hero society now very different for both heroes and villains alike, we thought we'd dive into what the future might hold for All For One.

Warning. If you are only following along with My Hero Academia's anime, steer clear as we'll be diving into manga spoilers that are sure to be present in future seasons of the television series.

As readers of the manga know, Star And Stripe was introduced as the number one hero of the United States of America, seeking to bring an end to Shigaraki's reign of terror, though she, unfortunately, wasn't able to escape this battle with her life. With the young villain managing to touch Cathleen Bates, the star-spangled heroine manages to instill a rule onto her Quirk before it flows into the young antagonist, making it so that all the powers he had in his body were eradicated. 

Shigaraki began losing his powers that he received from All For One to disastrous effect, as the disintegration of the Quirks made his body suffer from several tiny explosions as a result. Of course, the villain known as All For One still has the powers of the Quirk of the same name, thanks in part to Dr. Garaki creating a cloned version of the monstrous ability, but the original Quirk might have been lost forever as a result of this battle.

So where does this leave Shigaraki now? While nothing has been confirmed, our theory is that the heir to All For One will now be free of his master's influence, while also losing all Quirks he had access to except for New Order. What this might also mean is that Shigaraki will have a new visitor in his mind's landscape with Star And Stripe, potentially being seen as a "Vestige" of the new Quirk he stole.

What do you think the future holds for the villain and the power known as All For One? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.