My Hero Academia Reveals Star and Stripe's Final Warning

My Hero Academia revealed Star and Stripe's final warning with her official farewell with the newest chapter of the series! The Final Act is now getting the stage set for its next major arc, and it kicked things off with an impressive battle between Tomura Shigaraki and the United States of America's number one hero, Star and Stripe. Unfortunately for the American pro hero, Shigaraki has since gotten far more deadly and dangerous after absorbing even more of All For One's power since we had seen him during the Paranormal Liberation Front War. 

During the fight, Shigaraki was able to make contact with Star and Stripe and not only had absorbed her New Order quirk, but also killed her in the process. In that brief moment, however, Star and Stripe made one final sacrificial gamble in exchange for her life. She had used her final moments with New Order to make it completely unusable to Shigaraki, and with those final moments she gave one final warning to Shigaraki and All For One with her very final moments alive in the newest chapter of the series. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 334 of the series sees Shigaraki trying to pass on New Order before he could absorb it again, but Star and Stripe revealed that New Order had completely crumbled thanks to the fight it had within Shigaraki and All For One's body against all of their other quirks. She tells Shigaraki that it was a shame that she couldn't finish off the villain herself, but she made sure that the villains knew one thing. She says that "As long as people stand up to save each other someone will inherit that will of heroism."

Much like how she was once inspired to become a hero after being saved by All Might, she's well aware that there will always be some young heroic spirit that will stand up to the forces of evil no matter how stacked those odds are. While All For One is confident in his victory and ignores this, but as the chapter comes to an end it's clear that Star and Stripe's sacrifice is poised to become a major motivating factor for the young heroes as they get ready for the fight to come. 

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