My Hero Academia Cosplay Lights Up With Eri

Eri might only be a child, but her Quirk makes for one of the strongest characters to appear [...]

Eri might only be a child, but her Quirk makes for one of the strongest characters to appear recently in My Hero Academia and while she might not be as prominent as she was during season four, she is sure to have a major impact on the Shonen series moving forward. With Eri having the ability to "reverse" targets which has a number of insane implications, including restoring Quirks or healing any wound, one cosplayer has decided to recreate the popular character who is currently residing at UA Academy and has been freed from the clutches of Overhaul.

During the events of the battle against Overhaul, Eri's powers were used to forge bullets that ultimately drained the power of Lemillion, aka Mirio who was one of the biggest members of the Big Three. Losing his ability to become intangible, Mirio has attempted to help out Eri by integrating her into UA Academy as Eraserhead works to help the young girl master her insane ability. When last we saw Eri, she was participating in the holiday celebration for Class 1-A, which takes place in the anime series prior to the events of My Villain Academia which will be a dark tide that will change the world of UA Academy forever.

Instagram Cosplayer Min_Mmu shared this new take on Eri of My Hero Academia fame, the young girl who is set to have a big influence on the heroes and villains of the Shonen franchise moving forward, after being rescued by Midoriya in the battle against Overhaul:

Currently, My Hero Academia is only a few episodes away from diving into the proper introduction of the Meta Liberation Army, a force that operates outside of the world of heroes and believes that humanity should not be told how to use their Quirks. Surprisingly, the MLA will be at odds against the League of Villains when the two nefarious organizations meet, and the result of their battle will have big ramifications on the universe of UA Academy and lead right into the sixth season and the long-awaited "War Arc," which will pit the heroes and villains against one another in a battle that will see numerous casualties on both sides.

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