My Hero Academia Cosplay Focuses on Deadly Diva, Lady Nagant

My Hero Academia's next season is set to adapt the story of the War Arc, which will see the forces of good and evil clash in their biggest battle to date, and one of the fan-favorite characters in recent memory is the sharpshooter known as Lady Nagant. While Nagant hasn't been confirmed to be a part of the sixth season of the Shonen franchise's anime adaptation, fans are on the edge of their seat waiting to see the heart-pounding battle between the sniper and the current wielder of the power of One For All, Deku.

Lady Nagant has a troubled past, switching from being a hero to a villain thanks in part to the bloody missions that the Public Safety Commission would send her on during her crime-fighting career. Unable to handle the amount of blood on her hands, Nagant decides to murder the president of the Commission, which lands her a trip to the slammer. Eventually, when All For One escapes from Tartarus, he also frees Lady Nagant, who joins forces with the powerful villain and is given the task of capturing Izuku but in their battle, begins to realize that the path her life has taken isn't all that it is cracked up to be.

Twitter Cosplayer Jara Barrett shared this new take on the My Hero Academia villain who has yet to appear in the television series, but has left an impression on fans of UA Academy nevertheless, though we aren't sure if she'll appear in the sixth season of the anime adaptation:

The War Arc is a big enough storyline that an entire season of the anime series might be necessary in order to cover it, though Nagant makes an appearance immediately following the storyline, making it a definite possibility that she would make her first appearance in season six. Though she ultimately lost her battle against Deku, it seems as though she might be making a return in the future of the franchise and return to the side of angels, assisting the professional, and aspiring, heroes of hero society in their fight against All For One and Shigaraki.

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