My Hero Academia Reveals New Sketch of Lady Nagant

My Hero Academia has put forward some dark arcs in its time, but even in its bleakest moments, there have been high points. If you did not know, one of the most recent highs came with Lady Nagant. Though first a villain, the former pro hero has become a favorite with fans, and many are hoping Lady Nagant continues her role in the series. And now, the manga is celebrating with its own sketch of Lady Nagant.

As you can see below, the piece comes courtesy of volume 32 as it just went live in Japan. My Hero Academia's creator Kohei Horikoshi took time to pen a new sketch of Lady Nagant. The heroine is given a casual look this time around, and the design is pretty much perfect.

The design imagines how Lady Nagant might look when she isn't on duty. Dressed in a collared tracksuit, the sniper is seen wearing the jacket zipped, and a pleated skirt is tucked underneath the top. As for the rest of her look, Lady Nagant is wearing a pair of thick sunglasses, and her blue-pink hair is left down. Clearly, Lady Nagant is vibing with this outfit, and fans are loving what Horikoshi did here.

Now, My Hero Academia fans are left wondering how Lady Nagant will navigate the story's future. The heroine is in limbo these days as Lady Nagant is being treated for the attack All For One hit her with. For some time, fans thought the girl was dead following the blow, but she survived nonetheless. And now, fans know what might await Lady Nagant should the heroine be vindicated one day and return to normal life.


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