My Hero Academia Art Imagines Lady Nagant's Anime Debut

One of the biggest new characters that have been introduced in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga is Lady Nagant, a former hero who now finds herself employed by All For One and hunting the current wielder of One For All, Deku. While she is making waves in the manga, it will be a while before we see Nagant introduced to the world of the anime, but one fan artist has decided to get the jump on the introduction of the villainous sniper by creating art that pictures what she might look like when she eventually hits the small screen.

Currently, in the manga, Nagant has shown off her prowess as a sniper while also diving into her origins as a tragic character who felt betrayed by the machinations of the Public Safety Commission. With a Quirk that allows her to transform her bullets into any object imaginable, Lady Nagant was originally set to eradicate any threat to hero society, even if said threats hadn't done anything yet to incur her wrath. Feeling as if she was caked in blood and betrayed by her higher-ups, Nagant kills the President of the Commission and sets herself on a path where she is looking to destroy the society she once fought so hard for.

Twitter Artist Koro Sensei shared this impressive artwork that does a fantastic job of imagining what Lady Nagant's introduction will look like when she finally debuts in My Hero Academia, with our best bet being that the sniper is set to arrive in season six of the series:

The fifth season has currently ended the Joint Training Exercise Arc, which pit the students of Class 1-A against their rivals in 1-B, with the next arc deciding to focus entirely on the League of Villains. Appropriately titled the "My Villain Academia" Arc, fans should look forward to diving into the past of some of the biggest villains of the series, including the likes of Shigaraki, Toga, Twice, and the other younger antagonists that have big plans for the future of hero society.


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