My Hero Academia Cosplay Dives Into The World Heroes Mission

Next month will see the arrival of the third movie in the My Hero Academia franchise, World Heroes [...]

Next month will see the arrival of the third movie in the My Hero Academia franchise, World Heroes Mission, which will give the "Three Musketeers," some new outfits to prepare them for a new battle against a cult known as Humarize and two fans have decided to honor the upcoming aesthetics with some cosplay of both Bakugo and Deku. With the movie seemingly revolving around Midoriya being framed for mass murder, it seems that not only will the young heroes of UA Academy unleash their Quirks in unison, but the professional heroes created by Kohei Horikoshi will be joining the fray.

While we don't know if these new costumes will bolster the Quirks of the trio that is currently learning how to better harness their powers under the number one hero Endeavor, they give each of the young heroes a neon style that is unlike any appearance they've had in the past. When the latest Endeavor Agency Arc comes to a close, the heroes will be handing off the baton to the villains of the series for the Meta Liberation Army arc which will have grave ramifications for the world of UA Academy and will lead into the "War Arc," which is set to land in the sixth season.

Instagram Cosplayer Beku Cos shared these impressive attires that not only capture the look of Deku and Bakugo from the upcoming Shonen film but also maintain the amazing neon glow from each of their costumes that are sure to have plenty of surprises for fans when the movie lands in theaters in Japan early next month:

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World Heroes Mission might just be the third movie in the Shonen franchise, but Kohei Horikoshi and the studio behind My Hero Academia have gone on the record in the past that there could be around ten movies documenting the world of UA Academy when all is said and done. With the manga currently telling the "final chapter" of the series, it will be interesting to see how much gas in the tank the series has left considering the popularity of its world.

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