My Hero Academia's Big Dabi Reveal Out Trends The 2020 Election

The United States Election for 2020 had ended with Joe Biden being nominated the 46th President, [...]

The United States Election for 2020 had ended with Joe Biden being nominated the 46th President, but one surprise that many didn't count on was for My Hero Academia's recent identity reveal for the fan favorite villain of Dabi to "out trend" the political event for a brief period of time! Without going into spoiler territory, the identity of Dabi has long been a point of debate, with many fans of UA Academy taking time to try to figure out the secrets behind one of the "hottest" members of the League of Villains!

Many had guessed just what Dabi's true identity was, putting together the clues from previous manga chapters and anime episodes, with the powerful member of the League of Villains keeping his origins close to his chest. Since joining the collective of villains following the arrival of Stain to the series, Dabi has been a vital part of the League of Villains for quite some time. Recently playing a big role in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc by taking down Hawks, the current number two hero, Dabi's identity will seemingly be revealed in the next chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, putting the speculation of his origins to rest!

Twitter User TanijRou shared the insane factoid that for a brief period of time the big My Hero Academia reveal involving Dabi had "out trended" the 2020 Election on social media, showing that in the world of anime, anything can happen:

We are more than likely a few anime seasons away for the My Hero Academia television show to cover the Paranormal Liberation War arc, that has seen both the villains and heroes' sides take heavy losses. With events such as Shigaraki inheriting the Quirk of All For One and High End Nomu incapacitating the Rabbit Hero Mirko, it will certainly be something to see these battles translated into the anime series by Studio Bones.

With the War Arc getting ready to end, Dabi's reveal is certainly one of the biggest moments in the history of My Hero Academia, and it will definitely have long lasting ramifications on the world of UA Academy!

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