My Hero Academia's All Might Gets A DC Comic Artist Makeover

All Might might be out of commission thanks to his battle against All For One during the third season of My Hero Academia's anime series, but he remains one of the most popular characters introduced in Kohei Horikoshi's shonen series. Now, one artist from DC Comics has taken the opportunity to recreate the titanic showdown between the former Symbol of Peace and the head of the League of Villains, giving a new coat of paint to one of the biggest battles in the history of My Hero Academia

If you're unfamiliar with the energetic artwork of Dan Hipp, the comic book artist has worked on series such as Teen Titans Go!, Justice League, Batman, Superman, and even the crossover series of Justice League/Power Rangers to name a few. The current Teen Titans animated series uses a dynamic style to tell the story of these young DC superheroes, which fits well with Hipp's stylings. While Hipp hasn't done any official work on My Hero Academia, his artwork adds an extra layer of energy to the classic battle between All Might and All For One, which saw the Symbol of Peace using the majority of his power and forced to retire while handing off the baton to the next generation in Deku.

Dan Hipp shared this new My Hero Academia art, capturing the brutal blow that All Might delivered to his most powerful rival, ending All For One's reign and sending him to the supervillain prison known as Tartarus but paying a heavy price for using the extent of his strength:

Currently, All Might still doesn't have the ability to come anywhere close to the full power of One For All, but he's been working behind the scenes in training the next generation and prepping the young heroes of UA Academy for the upcoming battle against the villains. With Horikoshi himself stating that he had around one year of stories left for his popular Shonen series, fans are left wondering if All Might will be able to survive the series, as his death has been foretold more than a few times in the past. 

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