My Hero Academia Reveals Why Endeavor Has A Grudge With Dabi

My Hero Academia has started off the fifth season of its anime with a bang, with the premiere episode focusing on a training exercise that pitted the students of Class 1-A against the heroes that make up the Big Three, but the latest installment focuses on a deadly encounter between Endeavor, Hawks, and Dabi which reveals a harsh grudge. With the flame-wielding villain set to have a big role in the upcoming season, it's no surprise to see that some big secrets have been revealed of what's been happening behind the scenes with the League of Villains.

With Endeavor and Hawks managing to defeat the High-End Nomu by teaming up to take down the insane biological experiment, Dabi arrives just in time to make the best of the situation in attempting to eradicate the two top heroes in the world today. Before their fight is interrupted by the high kicking rabbit hero known as Mirko, Endeavor has some choice words for Dabi, revealing that he isn't too happy with the hotter than hot member of the League of Villains for killing the sand hero known as Snatch, who is but one of the victims who has fallen before his Quirk.

My Hero Academia Dabi Endeavor
(Photo: Studio Bones)

In the fourth season of My Hero Academia's anime, the League of Villains took a back seat to the likes of Overhaul and Gentle Criminal, with Dabi appearing in order to dish out some much-desired payback against the head of the Yakuza. Before Dabi could help the League of Villains get revenge against Overhaul, he had to go through a number of authorities, and the hero known as Snatch. With a major assist from Mr. Compress, Snatch was placed into a tiny ball and ultimately killed by the League, making the rest of the heroes that much more anxious to take down the villains that have been plaguing the world since the Shonen series' beginnings.

As fans of the manga know, Dabi will have a serious role in the future of the anime, as his origins are revealed during upcoming storylines. With the fifth season promising a big spotlight to be placed on Shigaraki and his crew, don't be surprised if the blue flame slinger makes another return as the anime series continues.

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