My Hero Academia Knocks Back at Dabi with a Particular Death

The fifth season of My Hero Academia is well underway, with the second episode diving back into the source material of the manga as Endeavor and Hawks come into contact with the villain of Dabi following their battle against a "High-End Nomu", and the latest installment sees the flame wielding villain having his past come back to bite him. Though the League of Villains took a back seat to both Overhaul and Gentle Criminal throughout the majority of the fourth season, it's clear that the fifth season has some big plans for Dabi and his nefarious friends.

In the League of Villains attempting to exact revenge on Overhaul, stealing the Quirk erasing bullets that he had produced, they came into contact with the Sand-Hero known as Snatch. In a one on one fight against Dabi, Snatch was holding his own, using his Quirk to create a barrier of sand to stop Dabi's flames, but this left the crime fighter open to an attack by Mr. Compress, who had transformed him into a tiny pebble, as he has done so often in the past. Without going too far into spoiler territory for anime fans, the irony of Dabi's recollection of victims he has created is definitely big, with huge implications for the future of the character.

Twitter User Deku's Notebook shared this parallel between the now deceased Snatch and Dabi in the latest episode of My Hero Academia, as the flame wielding villain recalls that he cares little for the hero he helped kill but does care about other victims that have found themselves in harm's way:

The fifth season of My Hero Academia won't just be focusing on the training exercise between Class 1-A and Class 1-B, but will also be diving into the past of several villains while also presenting some unexpected challenges for the crew formed by All For One.

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