My Hero Academia Shares First Episode 99 Stills

My Hero Academia is set to bring out a new episode this weekend, and you know what that means. The team behind season five is ready to give fans their first look at what's coming next. As episode 99 prepares to go live, a slew of stills have been released from the anime, and they show Izuku's next big hurdle.

As you can see down below, the My Hero Academia stills went live online today, and they show Izuku brushing off his recovery. The hero was only just freed from One For All going berserk. The debut of Black Whip took everyone by surprise, but Ochaco and Shinso knocked Izuku out of his slump. And now, Class 1-B is ready to fight.

The My Hero Academia preview doesn't give much away in terms of spoilers, but it does bolster a good bit of tension. Izuku is seen in one shot with Black Whip emanating from his hand, so he may try to use the new power in episode 99. Shinso is shown using his capture scarf courtesy of Aizawa while Monoma dives into battle with a wicked grin.

Of course, Ochaco is ready to take on the copycat hero. She seems less-than-enthused by his bad timing, so Ochaco might show Monoma what she can really do. After all, the hero is seen using Izuku's full cowling at one point, so it would be a bad idea to treat the Class 1-B nuisance lightly.

Clearly, My Hero Academia is about to bring its joint training mission to an end, and Izuku will make sure it goes out with a bang. That is what Bakugo did during his round, so All Might's protege cannot be outdone. The only question remaining is whether Class 1-A will cinch a victory, and we're thinking Izuku will pull it off.


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