My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Pits Izuku Against Shinso

My Hero Academia's fifth season had perhaps its biggest moment to date wherein Deku unveiled his brand new power that he was granted by the power of One For All, Black Whip, and it seems as if there are some major moments yet to come as Midoriya is set to once again square off against the brainwashing hero known as Shinso. With the Joint Training Exercise Arc about to wrap, season five of the anime has some big surprises in store not just for the heroes of the world, but also the antagonists that make up the League of Villains.

When Shinso and Deku first met during the Sports Festival, the brainwashing young hero was able to nearly defeat Izuku thanks to the power of his insane Quirk but it seems as if a giant monkey wrench has been thrown into his potential victory this time around thanks to the unveiling of Midoriya's Blackwhip ability. Luckily for Deku, Shinso was able to employ the use of his Quirk to help calm down the power of Blackwhip, which responded thanks to Midoriya's anger felt toward Monoma, with the Class 1-B student needling Deku with insults aimed at Bakugo.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared the heart-pounding conclusion of the latest episode of My Hero Academia's anime, that has set the stage for the battle between Deku and Shinso that will be one of the major components of the finale of the Joint Training Exercise Arc:

Though the Joint Training Exercise Arc has taken the majority of the first half of the fifth season of Kohei Horikoshi's anime series, expect a serious shakeup for the rest of the installments of My Hero Academia during this latest anime adventure. My Villain Academia will be the next big story arc, which has been touted by many fans as one of the best storylines of the entire series and will have big ramifications for the world as Shigaraki and his crew face off against a threat that exists outside of the world of heroes.


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