My Hero Academia Fans Notice a Damning Connection Between Shoto and His Oldest Brother

My Hero Academia's War Arc has revealed the true identity of Dabi, the eldest brother of the [...]

My Hero Academia's War Arc has revealed the true identity of Dabi, the eldest brother of the Todoroki clan, spelling out a complicated future for both Shoto and Endeavor as they come to grips with the clan's past sins, and one fan has managed to spot a big coincidence between the Todoroki brothers. In the latest chapters of My Hero Academia, we've seen how the secrets of the Todoroki family impact the world at large and society's trust in the hero society, and it seems as if the tragic tale is far from being over.

Dabi revealed his identity to the world in the final moments of the War Arc, touting the idea that his family should "watch him in hell" as he dashes the dreams of the heroes of the world by revealing some of their darkest secrets. In the latest chapter of the manga, we witnessed the tragic flashback that dives into how Toya went from a carefree child attempting to gain his father's love to an insanely tragic figure who was also broken because of it. With Dabi's powers being stated to be far stronger than Endeavor's, it's clear that we'll be seeing a big match between the eldest and youngest of the Todoroki siblings in the future which may determine the fate of the heroic world as we know it.

Reddit User Mr. Vapor Trail shared this Easter Egg in which we see the similarities in the hair colors between Shoto and Toya Todoroki, proving that they have more in common than just their mastery over fire that was passed down to each of them from their father:

No way this flip in hair colors is a coincidence from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

Though the War Arc most likely won't take place in the upcoming fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime, Dabi is still sure to have a big role in the new episodes that are set to land later this spring, especially when it comes to facing off against some very familiar heroes. It's clear that the battle of the Todoroki family is going to be a big part of the anime franchise moving forward, that's for sure.

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