My Hero Academia Shares Peek into Hawks' Childhood

My Hero Academia Season 5 shared a peek into Hawks' childhood with its newest episode! Following [...]

My Hero Academia Season 5 shared a peek into Hawks' childhood with its newest episode! Following his debut in the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising feature film and final episodes of the fourth season, the number two pro hero Hawks has been a major point of interest to fans of the anime series. Now that the anime's fifth season has truly begun in full with its newest episode, it seems we will be getting to see a lot more of Hawks going forward thanks to a new mission he gets assigned in the newest episode.

Episode 90 of the series returns to the events of the Pro Hero arc of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series. Picking up right from the final episode of the fourth season (and the cliffhanger from the fifth season premiere), Hawks and Endeavor are recovering and figuring out their next steps. With this set up for what's to come, we actually get a nice look back at Hawks' early life.

My Hero Academia Hawks Childhood Anime
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Episode 90 of the series reveals Hawks is working more closely with the higher ups of the hero association and is tasked with a deadly new mission of investigating the League of Villains from the inside. While debriefing him, Hawks mentions that he can't refuse such a mission. With this, we get a brief look at Hawks as a child. He had the innate talent to save people, so had become a point of interest for the hero association.

Wanting to make the most of his natural gifts, the young Hawks is seen holding an Endeavor doll in a trashed room. The executive are all around him and saying that he should become a hero while offering to support his family. Unfortunately, this is where the look into Hawks' past comes to an end but it gives us an idea of why of why he's so willing to take on such a dangerous mission in which he's dealing with the League of Villains directly.

But what did you think of this look into Hawks' past with the newest episode of My Hero Academia? Does this give you a better idea of what his overall goal is? What are you hoping to see next in the fifth season of the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!