My Hero Academia Explains Why Izuku's New Quirk Is Insanely Strong

The fifth season of My Hero Academia just had one of its biggest scenes to date in its latest episode as Midoriya discovered a brand new power from his inherited Quirk of One For All known as Blackwhip, and the recent installment dives into why the power is as strong as it is. Originally wielded by the hero Daigoro Banjo, the vestige of One For All has the opportunity to chat with Izuku on the mental plane, talking him through the brand new power that has run amuck thanks in part to Deku losing control of his emotions.

Blackwhip emerged during Deku's battle against Monoma, in which the Copy Hero flung several insults toward Midoriya, causing the One For All wielder to lose himself in his anger and unleash the energy tendrils. Unable to control the power at his disposal, Deku finds himself convening with Banjo and learning that the Fifth originally used Blackwhip to zip across the skyline and battle villains but the strength has only gotten more impressive within Midoriya. As Daigoro explains, Blackwhip has become that much stronger as it has combined and flourished as a part of One For All, proving that Midoriya has some serious work to do in learning about the skills at his disposal.

Twitter User Atsushi 101x shared the clip of Banjo explaining to Midoriya that his power has been lumped in with the other abilities of One For All, making it that much stronger than it was when it was first used by the fifth and is now being wielded by Deku:

The Joint Training Exercise Arc is about to end in this fifth season of My Hero Academia, with a long-awaited storyline set to arrive via Studio Bones in "My Villain Academia". With the League of Villains taking the spotlight and set to battle against a brand new threat outside the world of heroes, the world will be changed and Deku will need all the powers at his disposal as the "War Arc" approaches, with this deadly battle most likely set to arrive in season six of the series.


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