My Hero Academia Announces Live Concert with Special Guests

My Hero Academia isn't just known for its in-depth characterization and amazing character development over the course of its anime and manga series, but it's also known for its amazing soundtrack that has helped elevate the Shonen franchise to new heights for both its television and silver screen appearances. Now, the composer of the series, Yuki Hayashi, is set to attend a live concert that is set to revisit some of the biggest tracks from the series over the years, and said concert is set to arrive much sooner than you might think.

Anime NYC is one of the biggest anime conventions in the West, normally bringing together guests from the industry as well as scores of fans looking to celebrate the medium while learning new tidbits about some of their favorite series. Set to take place this weekend, the My Hero Academia Concert at Anime NYC will take place on November 19th, with those attending the convention able to visit the performance for free. Some of the songs that will be featured include You Say Run, Hero Too, I'm Here, and of course, My Hero Academia, though we're sure there will be plenty of other tracks that make the cut of this performance.

The fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime came to a close with Shigaraki defeating the Meta Liberation Army and taking its forces and resources for his own, setting the stage for a bloody battle with hero society in the upcoming sixth season of the series. With the young heroes of Class 1-A set to assemble to fight this scourge with the professional heroes, it definitely wouldn't be surprising if some new tracks were created for the adaptation of the War Arc.

Music hasn't just been in the background of My Hero Academia's anime, it was also featured front and center during the Cultural Festival Arc, which saw Class 1-A putting together a band of their own in order to show off their talents, while Deku struggled with the lesser villain known as Gentle Criminal. Needless to say, the young heroes won't have much time for light-hearted adventures with the looming threat of the War Arc.

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Via AniTrendz