My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Becomes The Biggest Movie Of The Franchise

The third movie of My Hero Academia saw Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki leading the charge against a brand new threat in the Quirk hating cult known as Humarize, and since hitting theaters in both North America and Japan, has been pulling enough in enough profits to ascend the ladder and become the biggest movie of the Shonen series to date. With Two Heroes and Heroes Rising already being plenty popular as the predecessors to this latest installment, it's clear that Kohei Horikoshi's franchise isn't losing steam any time soon as it remains one of the biggest anime in the world.

World Heroes Mission marks a stark departure from the two previous feature-length films, primarily focusing on a new cult that hates Quirks rather than embraces them. Two Heroes' villain, Wolfram, and Heroes Rising's villain, Nine, were each bi-products of Nine who were seeking to create worlds where the strong ruled over the weak, whereas Humarize sees the superpowers of humanity that were given to mankind by Quirks to be a disease that will lead to the end of the Earth. With the Quirk Singularity Theory suggesting that each new generation will continue growing stronger until their powers become uncontrollable, the strength of the heroes and villains of the franchise certainly point to this being a likely possibility. 

Twitter User Atsushi101X shared the big reveal that World Heroes Mission has passed its two predecessors in worldwide profits, having scored over $39 Million USD at the box office, currently, since hitting theaters in North America, Japan, and around the world earlier this year:

A sixth season of the anime series has already been confirmed that will translate the devastating events of the War Arc, and while a fourth film hasn't been confirmed as of yet, creator Kohei Horikoshi has stated in the past that the series could see as many as ten feature-length films before the franchise comes to a close. While we have no way of knowing when the story of UA Academy will end, the current manga arc is titled "The Final Chapter" leading many to believe that the grand finale might be sooner than we think.

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