My Hero Academia Hits Major Global Sales Milestone

My Hero Academia's manga is continuing to tell the story of the students of Class 1-A at UA [...]

My Hero Academia's manga is continuing to tell the story of the students of Class 1-A at UA Academy, with the events quite a bit ahead of the anime series, and it's clear that the Shonen franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi isn't slowing down any time soon as the printed story has hit an insane new milestone. The story taking place in the manga itself has shown both the heroes and the villains recovering following the War Arc, which resulted in some major casualties across the board, and is sure to set the anime world on fire when it hits the television series.

My Hero Academia currently has 50 million copies of its manga in circulation today, proving that the printed story is still highly sought after when it comes to adding it to anime fans' collections. With each passing year, the manga created by Kohei Horikoshi continues to be one of the highest-selling graphic novel series, managing to overtake both American and Japanese graphic novels when it comes to overall sales. Though there are still plenty of contenders to the crown such as Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and One Piece, it's clear that My Hero Academia has definitely found its footing when it comes to the world of Shonen series.

My Hero Academia Manga
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Recently, the fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime made a big comeback, taking the opportunity to refresh fans' memories when it came to the personalities and Quirks of some of their favorite members of Class 1-A, while also throwing a serious training exercise their way that saw Deku and his friends facing off against the Big Three. With the post-credit scene of the episode hinting at a mysterious meeting between the current number two hero Hawks and the villainous Dabi, it's clear that this new season will have plenty of surprises for fans to experience.

On top of this, the Shonen franchise is also planning to release the third feature-length film of the franchise later this summer in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, which sees Deku teaming up with Bakguo and Shoto Todoroki to battle against a mysterious new villain. On top of this physical threat, it seems as if Izuku will also be attempting to clear his own name as he struggles with the general public believing he is a mass murderer.

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