My Hero Academia Teases the Coming Dark Era of Hero Society

My Hero Academia fans know peace is only temporary when you live in a world filled with pro [...]

My Hero Academia fans know peace is only temporary when you live in a world filled with pro heroes. With All Might out of the race, villains are feeling more entitled than ever about taking over the world. The Symbol of Peace is not around to ward off villains with his light, and the most recent chapter of the manga teased the dark era coming for society.

The foreboding tease was given when My Hero Academia put out chapter 276. The update made a big splash with Shonen Jump as it gave readers an update on the raid after the pro heroes lost control of the situation. The last-minute power boost given to Shigaraki gave him the ability to decay on command, and he took out a third of a major city because of such.

And what does the news do? Well, the reports on-site were lucky to survive as they were in a helicopter during the decay bomb. This huge terrorist attack is enough to alarm the media, and the reporter makes an observation that made readers break into a cold sweat.

My Hero Academia Shigaraki New Power All Might Manga 276

"Hosu City. Kamino Ward. The large-scale terrorist attacks that began last year don't seem to be letting up. Yes, we're witnessing history repeat itself in Jaku City today. What is going on in Japan right now?! Where is our country headed?!"

The line is given as the manga flashes over a nation living quietly for the most part. While Jaku City is in ruins, people such as Izuku's mom or Shoto's siblings are living easily. All Might and Eri are held up in a room looking terrified by the news, but there is one man pleased by it all. The final image shown is of a jailed All For One smiling, and that does not bode well for the series' Hero Society.

After all, Shigaraki has never been more powerful, and Izuku is not at a level where he can stop the villain. The country and all of society will be upheaved until Izuku can master every part of One For All, and that is way easier said than done. But if the boy wants to become the World's Greatest Hero, he has no other choice than to do it.

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