My Hero Academia Theory Poses a Heartbreaking Possibility about Dabi's Mom

My Hero Academia has been on a tear with reveals, and it seems the series is only getting started. [...]

My Hero Academia has been on a tear with reveals, and it seems the series is only getting started. The manga might be ready to close its ongoing arc, but Dabi has a few more things to do before fleeing with his comrades. After all, he just made a huge reveal about his backstory, and fans believe they pieced something tragic together about his mother.

If you are caught up with the My Hero Academia, then you know chapter 290 was a big one. The update saw Dabi announce his true identity to the world, and fans were right about their theories. The villain is the eldest son of Endeavor named Touya, but everyone believed the boy to be dead. And when the chapter went live, it seems fans were given a big hint about Dabi and his connection to his birth mother Rei.

Fans were quick to point out the situation when chapter 290 began with a look at Rei's hospital room. While orderlies ran to intervene with their patient, fans were given a close-up shot of the flowers which sit in Rei's room.

In the past, Rei did say Endeavor knows her favorite flower which are a lovely shade of icy blue, and Shoto wonders why the plant is in her room during a scene in the anime. Rei said "he's not leaving them behind" which is vague at best. This has led some fans to theorize that Dabi has been leaving them. After all, the blue flowers match the color of his flames, but there is something even more important here. The color matches his eyes, but for all we know, Dabi could be wearing contacts to go with his hair chalk.

So far, My Hero Academia fans have no official word on this theory, but chapter 290 made a big deal of the flowers before rolling into Dabi's origin story. The evidence is stacking up, and fans can only imagine what kind of damage this revelation will do too Rei in its wake.

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