My Hero Academia: Dabi's Identity Reveal Leaves a Big Question Unanswered

My Hero Academia has been on everyone's mind these days, and that is thanks to the arrival of a major chapter. Fans did not know what was in store for them with chapter 290, but it did not disappoint. After all, the update revealed Dabi's true identity, and fans watched as his master plan was laid out perfectly before him. Now, there is one question fans have left about the boy, and it has to do with his - well - death.

For those who are not caught up with My Hero Academia, they will not know what is going on with Dabi right now. The baddie has been teasing a secret agenda for some time now, and fans were certain it would come to a head during the manga's raid arc. It turns out they were right, and they watched in horror as Dabi confirmed he was really Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of Endeavor who was thought to be dead.


As the chapter went on, fans found out more about the troubled boy and why he decided to turn on his father. It turns out Toya was treated no better than Shoto was, but he broke enough to turn on his family. He has spent the last years of his life setting up Endeavor for a mighty fall, but fans are still wondering how Toya faked his death.

Of course, that is assuming he had anything to do with it. Fans are still fuzzy on whether Toya meant to fake his death or if he was in the right place at the right time. There is also the question of whether Endeavor was a part of the ordeal, so fans are keeping an eye out for an answer.

Currently, the most popular theory is that Toya did fake his death on purpose, and he did so with a fiery plan. Netizens believe his scars might have been earned during the ordeal. If that is the case, fans are guessing Dabi tried to off himself through self-immolation or arson. But for now, they will have to wait for the scorned Todoroki to share that story for himself.


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