My Hero Academia: Will Izuku Become The Singularity?

Will Izuku Midoriya become My Hero Academia's dreaded Quirk Singularity? The question just became [...]

Will Izuku Midoriya become My Hero Academia's dreaded Quirk Singularity? The question just became a big focus for fans; My Hero Academia's latest manga arc has been all about Izuku communing with One For All and its previous users, setting the stage for the young hero to finally unlock the power's full potential. However, we went a step further with an additional theory: Deku will use OFA's full power to pull the big twist of ultimately absorbing the power of All For One into himself. The question at that point is will Izuku become the Singularity? And what could he do with that power?

WARNING: My Hero Academia Manga SPOILERS Follow!

If you don't remember, the "Quirk Singularity" was a theory from All For One's mad scientist disciple, Dr. Garaki, first proposed seventy years before the events of My Hero Academia. Garaki theorized that each generation of quirk users would blend powers and breed a new generation of more powerful quirk powers and that eventually, that evolutionary increase in power would outpace the human body's ability to control it, resulting in a doomsday scenario when one insanely powerful quirk (or many) wiped society out.

We've already broken down why Izuku ultimately trying to absorb AFO is perfectly fitting with the foreshadows of the story and Deku's character arc. However, though Izuku would do that in the spirit of noble sacrifice, it could end up being a bigger burden than he's able to bear - and a bigger threat to the world than the villains were!

My Hero Academia Izuku Deku OFA AFO Quirk Singularity Theory

It wouldn't be shocking (at this point) if My Hero Academia's big final threat was Izuku struggling to hold both OFA and AFO in balance, without destroying the world in the process. It's also a suitable way to set up a final battle between All For One and his little brother (One For All's original user) to have their own final battle in the strange realm where the living consciousnesses of both powers exist. It would pretty much be the culmination of all the core storylines around the main character (Izuku Midoriya) and antagonist (Tomura Shigarak); Deku finally bringing the powers into balance would also explain why he's able to narrate My Hero Academia as the No. 1 hero. He would literally be god-level if he survives the singularity.

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