My Hero Academia Reveals the Government's Villain Crisis Plan

My Hero Academia has dealt with villains since its very first chapter, but no one could have seen [...]

My Hero Academia has dealt with villains since its very first chapter, but no one could have seen how its baddies would grow. These days, the villains are all working together under a united front led by All For One and Shigaraki. With pro heroes on the outs, some creative plans had to be made to protect the public, but what the government has planned is iffy right now.

The whole thing began when My Hero Academia posted its latest chapter. The update gave fans an important check on Endeavor and Hawks as the pros answered to the public. The pair had to confess to their pasts which Gabi shared with the world, and Best Jeanist dropped a bombshell about the government's plans.

My Hero Academia Best Jeanist Return Fight Injury Manga 291 Spoilers

"We hope to reduce the overall sphere that requires our protection," the hero began before dropping the final revelation. "On the heels of discussion with the government, from today onward U.A. High School and other hero programs will put their expansive, well-secured campuses to use as designated evacuation shelters."

So, there you go. It turns out the government is trying to bring all of the villains' targets together so the heroes can better defend them. In order to do this, it is opening hero courses like U.A. as shelters for the public. This is a very ambitious plan given how crowded the metro area is, so My Hero Academia fans can only imagine how things are going. There's no telling how the school can even continue with this plan, but our favorite students have little choice. After all, the world needs heroes more than ever, and Class 1-A has some of the most promising students in Japan.

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