My Hero Academia Reveals Frontlines of The Final Arc

My Hero Academia is in the throes of its final arc, with the heroes of UA Academy staring down the villainous forces of All For One. With Midoriya set to take on Shigaraki, Todoroki scoring a major victory, and All For One still harboring some major power, it will be interesting to see how the Shonen series from Kohei Horikoshi wraps. In the latest chapter, we are given an idea as to the size and scale of the massive brawl and which heroes are currently on the frontlines.   

Warning. If you haven't read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 353, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

Todoroki has accomplished what many heroes and villains thought was impossible, with the youngest member of the Endeavor Clan managing to defeat his older brother, Dabi, in a one-on-one fight. With news of Shoto's victory reverberating through the war, the heroes have received a serious boost when it comes to their overall morale, with both the students of UA Academy and the professional heroes fighting side-by-side. 

So which young heroes are currently fighting on the frontlines? Well, most of them! One of the first scenes in this latest chapter sees a number of Class 1-A students such as Mineta, Acid Girl, and Red Riot taking the opportunity to push back against the forces of All For One, with the villains currently attempting to free the massive threat known as Gigantomachia from his imprisonment. Luckily, they have been able to keep the villains at bay for now.

On the other side of the battlefield, we witness the major crime fighter known as Fat Gum finding himself teaming up with an unlikely partner in Aoyama, the member of Class 1-A who was feeding information to All For One and spending a good majority of the Shonen franchise as a traitor to UA. Facing down a new villain known as Kunieda, it seems that most of the heroes have quite the challenge on their hands overall. 

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