My Hero Academia Assistant Inks One of the Manga's Angstiest Scenes

My Hero Academia may deal with a lot of battles like any shonen, but it like to play with emotions just as much. From the funny to the fluffy, the superhero series does it all. Of course, this also means the story can get angsty, and one of the manga's assistants just brought the pain with their latest sketch of Izuku.

The art comes from Kohei Horikoshi's assistant over on Twitter courtesy of nstime23. The assistant is known for sharing special sketches with My Hero Academia fans that range from Mirko thirst posts to Aizawa tributes. So as you can imagine, fans were surprised today when the assistant posted a truly angsty doodle of Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku.

As you can see above, the art shows Bakugo in his usual hero suit, but he looks anything but normal. His confident aura has been shot down for something broken as blood slides down the hero's face. Bakugo's eyes are shot with fear here, and that is because he's got a bloodied and unconscious Izuku in his lap.

My Hero Academia's biggest star is down for the count here, and this sketch is hitting fans really hard. With Gran Torino's cape around his neck, Izuku is hard to make out given how much blood is on his face. It seems the hero is down for the count, and despite their harrowing history, Bakugo is paralyzed by the sight of his friend's state.

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Obviously, this angsty sketch has fans freaking out, and the worst part is knowing this scene could happen in canon. The work of a pro hero is dangerous, and My Hero Academia has killed plenty of pros already. So for now, let's hope this worst-case situation stays well away from the manga and its final act...!

What do you make of this latest My Hero Academia sketch? How do you see the series ending for these two heroes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.