Did My Hero Academia Just Tease A Major Student Death?

My Hero Academia may have began as a simple superhero tale, but the manga has become so much more over the years. Izuku and Class 1-A are on the cusp of herodom despite having a year of training under their belts. With a war at their doorstep, these kids are tasked with saving the world, and fans have long feared some would die to see their mission through. So naturally, the whole fandom started buzzing when My Hero Academia planted a death flag in its latest chapter.

The whole thing went live this past weekend when My Hero Academia put out a new chapter. It was there fans watched as Class 1-A bid their school goodbye. After careful planning, the students have been given a new operations base, but something Sero said has everyone looking at him for death flags.

After all, it isn't very good when a hero nods to their hypothetical death. The times are dire enough as is, and any hint about a death could end up coming true. When Sero first sees the new base, he even upset Satou by referencing how it might be his final resting place. "Maybe the last place we'll ever lay our heads? Let's hope not."

As you can well imagine, the joke did not go over well, but Sero was using dark humor to cope with everything going on. But of course, My Hero Academia fans are now worried the hero has put a death flag on the class if not just himself. The odds of Class 1-A making it out of this war with everyone alive is slim, and fans expect some side students will die. Now, it feels like Sero has guaranteed as much, and it doesn't feel great. 

What do you think about this fan-theory? Do you think My Hero Academia is trying to warn fans of something here? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.