My Hero Academia Shares Major Goodbyes Before Next Arc

My Hero Academia has begun setting the stage for the final war between the heroes and villains with a big goodbye in the newest chapter of the series! The Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series has been spending the last few chapters of the series getting ready for the final conflict between the heroes and the villains, and we have seen how both sides of this coming war are steeling themselves for the fight to come. But now it seems like the manga is actually getting this fight started and it's doing so with some quite somber final moments.

We have seen the last few chapters establish how the heroes and villains are planning to take on the final war, and the heroes themselves have been able to fashion a new plan that they hope will help them get an edge on All For One. The newest chapter of the series makes this far more clear than ever as the heroes leave their current safe house at U.A. High School and say what could be the final farewells to their family, friends, and loved ones before heading out into the war. 

Chapter 342 of the series reveals that the young heroes of 1-A have been so busy that they haven't had much time to rest or process every single thing that's happened to them over the last few days of the Final Act. Then as they ready themselves with one final strategy, they all begin to make their move by officially leaving the walls of U.A. High School. Knowing that the villains will be making their move soon, Izuku and the other young heroes all bid goodbyes to their families. 

It's an emotional goodbye for everyone involved as not only does Izuku say goodbye to his mother (as well as Kota and Eri), but we also see Katsuki, Shoto, Ochaco, and Kyoka saying their goodbyes to their loved ones too. It hits all the harder because there's no guarantee that each one will be able to see the other again. Given how much the last war had shaken the foundation of the series, this final goodbye just might hit that much harder in a year or so when all of this is said and done

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