My Hero Academia is Setting the Stage for More Redemptions

My Hero Academia loves to explore the good and bad of its biggest characters. From All Might to Deku, all of our heroes have been put on display, and many of our villains have gone through the same. So far, a few of those baddies have even swapped sides after being exposed to the world. And now, the manga has carved out room for more redemption arcs whether we like it or not. 

The whole thing springs from Ochaco this time around as the heroine has a heart-to-heart with Izuku. The two are shown chatting at U.A. High School just before everyone rolls out. It is there the pair discuss the League's recent sins, and Ochaco says she is conflicted about the things Toga deserves.

Recalling her battle with the villain during Gigantomachia's assault, Ochaco says she was shocked to see Toga sad during the fight.

"Look what they did to the city... The thought of just forgiving her? No, we're way past that point. I know that but still, she's a person too," Ochaco shared. The hero goes on to say she doesn't know the first thing about Toga or what she was raised to think was obvious or right. To her, villains are more made than born, so Ochaco wants to know whether or not she can change.

This sentiment has been echoed before by My Hero Academia in the past. Endeavor and Bakugo Katsuki have all gone through redemption arcs of their own. Most recently, Izuku said he believes Shigaraki is crying out for help from underneath All For One's thumb, so we know the hero is going to give the villain a second chance. And now, Toga is up on that list with others like Dabi. The question remaining is whether redemption can bring forgiveness or if the League's members will sacrifice themselves to turn the tides of war. 

What do you think about this latest scene with Izuku? Do you believe any of the League's members can be redeemed? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.