My Hero Academia Manga Sets Up a Short July Break

With the anime of My Hero Academia set to explore the Meta Liberation Arc in the episodes of its [...]

With the anime of My Hero Academia set to explore the Meta Liberation Arc in the episodes of its anime, the manga is also diving into some extremely dark territory following the conclusion of the War Arc and the continued adventures of Deku attempting to escape the clutches of All For One, but it seems that Shonen fans will have to suffer a break for the manga series this summer. The fifth season of the anime will also see a July break this summer, proving that both forms of Kohei Horikoshi's story have plenty in common outside of their characters.

The anime has been taking some liberties with the pacing of the anime versus its manga, switching the Endeavor Agency Arc with the My Villain Academia Arc, leaving many fans startled that they'll have to wait a bit longer for the television series to set the spotlight on Shigaraki and his crew. With Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki joining the Endeavor Agency in order to participate in a new work-study and gain a better mastery of their Quirks in the process, this storyline will reveal far more about the troubled family of the number one hero than was previously told.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared the big news that the upcoming chapter of Weekly Shonen Jump in early July will take a brief hiatus, meaning that fans will have to wait a bit longer to continue the story of Deku as he runs from All For One to the detriment of his friends and family:

The manga has recently introduced readers to one of its most interesting characters with Lady Nagant, a former member of the Public Safety Commission who decided to dedicate herself to tearing down Hero Society following the bloody ordeals she was put through as a hero herself. Attempting to capture Deku for All For One, Nagant is touched by Midoriya's character but is nearly killed thanks to a villainous betrayal by her nefarious benefactor.

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