My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Gives Big Update on Stain

My Hero Academia has a ton of villains running about these days, and the manga has made that clear as of late. While season five is working towards a villain-centric arc, the manga has been dealing with baddies for well over a year. And now, fans have gotten an update on Stain at long last.

The update came at the end of chapter 317 as My Hero Academia debuted its latest update this week. It was there fans got a dark look at Izuku as the hero is having a hard time staying afloat. With villains gunning for his quirk, Izuku had become a one-man armada, and All Might is openly worried about his protege.

And to make things even worse? Well, it turns out Stain has been tailing the boy. The villain is shown in the chapter's final spread once All Might pleads for his student. Izuku runs away to keep his mentor safe, and Stain is left waiting in the background.

As you can see above, the villain is sporting a new look these days, but it aligns with his old outfit. Stain is rocking a leather jacket with straps and snaps across its front. A chest strap can be seen crossing Stain's chest, and his hair is still wrapped up in a mask. However, the wraps are most tidy this time, and Stain has his hair pulled up tighter than before.

Clearly, Stain is doing well following his leave from Tartarus, and fans are nervous about his next steps. Stain could go after All Might since the hero is vulnerable, but he has a vested interested in Izuku. The hero might lure Stain out of hiding, so My Hero Academia fans will have to stayed tuned to see what goes down next.


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