My Hero Academia Honors Normani with New Mirko Sketch

In the last month, fans have been flocking to My Hero Academia on Twitter, and it hasn't just been [...]

In the last month, fans have been flocking to My Hero Academia on Twitter, and it hasn't just been to hype up the manga's next chapter. It seems one of the assistants working on the series has garnered a cult following of their own. After all, an artist working on the My Hero Academia manga has gone viral as of late thanks to their stunning Mirko sketches, and they felt it was time to share another one. And this time, they chose Normani to be their muse.

Over on Twitter, fans were treated to a piece of art by Yoshinori, an assistant to Kohei Horikoshi on the manga. The artist has been paying homage to Megan Thee Stallion as of late with different drawings of Mirko. The rapper has been a muse to Yoshinori, and now it seems Normani has taken that spot.

As you can see above, a new sketch of Mirko was posted online this week, and the pro hero looks absolutely sickening. The Rabbit Hero has her long hair pulled back up high, and they are rocking a bondage-inspired outfit complete with metal detailing and buckles. If this outfit looks familiar to you, then you may have seen it before thanks to Rolling Stones.

The revered magazine did a feature on Normani as well as few others. The cover of the magazine showcases Normani in this gorgeous outfit, and the up-and-coming pop star slays this look. The outfits jewelry and embellishes are a look, and Yoshinori mimicked it perfectly for their Mirko tribute.

Of course, there is a little nod to Megan Thee Stallion here. If you did not know, the magazine cover that debuted this outfit also features the Texas rapper. Rolling Stones did a highlight on Normani, Megan, and SZA given their chart-topping hits. So if SZA shows up in a sketch before long, don't be too surprised!

What do you make of this new Mirko tribute? Who else should the My Hero Academia assistant look into for inspiration? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.