My Hero Academia Unveils Izuku's Surprising Deal with Overhaul

My Hero Academia has brought out its share of villains, but few of them stick out quite like [...]

My Hero Academia has brought out its share of villains, but few of them stick out quite like Overhaul. The baddie's debut was terrifying back in the day as the League of Villains learned how unhinged the Yakuza relic could be. These days, My Hero Academia fans have thought little of the villain, but Overhaul has made a comeback as of late. And now, it seems Izuku has made a shocking deal with the baddie.

The baddie made his return to the series in the manga courtesy of All For One. The villain helped spring Overhaul lose during his own escape, and Lady Nagant reunited Izuku with the thug. It turns out Overhaul is a mere shell of the man he was once, and he has an obsession with apologizing to his long-gone boss. So when Izuku and Overhaul come face to face, things get tense.

My Hero Academia Overhaul
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Izuku uses the meeting to shame Overhaul as the man only wants to apologize to his boss for failing. The hero says the only person who needs an apology is Eri, but Overhaul isn't sure he can handle the situation.

"If you're willing to direct that same energy toward Eri, I'll honor your deal in Lady Nagant's place," Izuku says. That is all the two exchange before Overhaul is taken into custody, and Izuku is left to pursue All For One yet again.

Clearly, Overhaul has become unhinged following his defeat, but his need to apologize has fans shaken. After all, he is the one who put The Boss into a coma, and he chose to turn Eri into a weapon against her will. His contrition seems forced for all the wrong reasons, and My Hero Academia fans aren't sure Overhaul wants to apologize to Eri. In fact, he might want to use her quirk once again to fix The Boss of even his own injuries.

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