My Hero Academia Promo Reveals Izuku's Spider-Man Move

My Hero Academia is lauded as one of the best series to ever tackle superheroes. The manga has [...]

My Hero Academia is lauded as one of the best series to ever tackle superheroes. The manga has found itself compared to giants like Marvel and DC Comics, so creator Kohei Horikoshi must be thrilled. After all, the artist is a huge fan of western comics, and it seems he is giving Izuku a chance to experience the web-slinging Peter Parker does on the regular.

The whole thing came to light this week when a new trailer debuted for My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission. The exciting clip saw fans follow Izuku as he and his friends take on a global network for terrorists. The action is insane from the start, and at one point, Izuku is shown hauling away from a battle with a new friend in tow.

As you can see above, Izuku needed to make a fast escape, and he had to do so with someone under his arm. That is why the boy chose to dig deep and his Black Whip for this occasion. His newest quirk is finally under control in this shot, and Izuku is using his black whip to swing from rafters to safety.

If this description sounds familiar to you, well - it should be. Not only has Sero done something similar with his tape quirk, but Spider-Man made this mode of transportation popular. The web-slinging hero is known for traveling around New York City with his webs, and Izuku will be able to do the same in Tokyo.

This nod is a cute one for My Hero Academia fans to note, and it must be special for Horikoshi. After all, the artist is a devout Marvel fan, and he has said on numerous occasions that Spider-Man is his favorite hero. It is wild seeing Izuku follow in Peter Parker's steps, so fans will not want to miss this third movie once it debuts!

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