My Hero Academia Sets Up a Long-Awaited Romance

My Hero Academia isn't the most forward with its love stories, but they are there. Whether you look at Izuku and Ochako or another would-be couple, the anime has set up romances here and there. Now, it seems like one of the series' side stories is ready to move two of its lovers forward, and fans admit they've been waiting for this move a long time.

For those who aren't caught up with My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, the love story goes a little like so; A boy decides to become a vigilante under the name Crawler and work alongside a girl known as Pop Step. Taught under the same master, the pair go on all sorts of missions together. The pair grow closer which leads Pop Step to fall for her friend, but Crawler is nothing if not dense with love.

And now? Well, it seems like Vigilantes is ready to give Crawler the push he needs, but it took Pop Step being kidnapped to flip on the switch.

Recently, the side story put out a new chapter, and it was there fans followed Crawler as he learned about Pop Step's disappearance. It turns out she has been missing for three days, and her absence causes alarm bells to go off within Crawler.

"There was no guarantee that there'd always be a tomorrow for us," he tells himself.

"I'd better figure things out today. Who did you usually hang out with? Where should I go to find you? Likes? Dislikes? Dreams for the future? People you look up too? What about family? And friends? But also, what am I to you and what are you to me?"


Clearly, Crawler has some things to think about with Pop Step that aren't tied to her disappearance. The sudden loss of the girl has prompted Crawler to think about their relationship, and it seems the boy is more interested in her than her realized. That is why the revelation about Pop Step's forced turn to the dark side is difficult to watch, but fans have faith that Crawler can fix her.

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