My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Sets Up Shiketsu's Heroic Return

My Hero Academia is setting the stage for Shiketsu High School's return to the series with the cliffhanger from the newest chapter! Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series is now gearing up for the next major phase of the Final Act, and it's setting the stage for the final conflict between the heroes and the villains. Unlike before, this new conflict is gearing up to take over the entirety of Japan as the villains let loose completely. This means that U.A. High School is going to need all the allies they can get from this point on, and luckily there's major allies already being set up.

It was previously revealed that each of the hero schools has been locked down in favor of becoming temporary shelters for civilians in the area, but the only part of this conflict we have seen is U.A. High School. Although the school has been hyping up its own defenses, there has been a number of teases about what Shiketsu has been up to as well. The newest chapter of the series drops the best tease of Shiketsu's return yet as the heroes note how the conflict is making its way to even the "boonies" lately. 

(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Chapter 339 of the series sees Izuku Midoriya and the rest of Class 1-A's young heroes ready themselves for their next plan of attack against All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, but as the chapter comes to an end, we're given an update from Fat Gum's hero agency that reveals that the villains have finally made their way to those outside territories. Territories where Shiketsu is close enough by to be a safe haven. While this is no confirmation we'll see Shiketsu's heroes just yet, it's also a tease of how wide this coming war will truly be. 

If this next hero and villain war indeed spreads across all of Japan, it's going to take each and every hero to stop it. We've already gotten an update about some of Ketsubutsu's students previously, so if all the introductions during the Hero License Exam weren't just a big waste of time, there's a good chance we'll be seeing all of these other young heroes in action soon enough as well as the Final Act continues. 

What do you think? Are you hoping to see Shiketsu's line up of heroes in My Hero Academia again someday? What are you hoping to see before it all comes to an end? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!