My Hero Academia Raises an Important All For One Question

My Hero Academia raised an important question about All For One with the newest chapter of the [...]

My Hero Academia raised an important question about All For One with the newest chapter of the series! After slowly taking over Tomura Shigaraki's body during the Paranormal Liberation Front War and breaking out of Tartarus in the immediate aftermath, All For One has once again positioned himself as the primary antagonist of the series. Not only has he made Izuku Midoriya his main target, his actions have also put Midoriya in the crosshairs of the general public as the secrets of his One For All power are slowly starting to make their way out.

With each new chapter advancing things further, an interesting question has come up regarding All For One's motivations in seeking Izuku Midoriya's power. The pro heroes have begun to wonder why his first move in trying to take Midoriya has been to send a secret group of mercenaries after him to capture him within a two month time span, and now the main question is why he has yet to publicly reveal the One For All secret.

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Chapter 317 of the series picks up after the explosive cliffhanger that saw Deku and the pro heroes caught in All For One's trap. The pro heroes have thankfully all made it out alright, but they are still trying to figure out what All For One's real plan is. To ease the burden on Deku, they want to tell as many heroes about the One For All secret as they can to form a group to take down the remaining villains. But giving Deku's secret away would only put him at the center of malice for the press and general public.

With this mind, Mt. Lady raises the question of why All For One has yet to make all of this public himself. Endeavor asserts that the reason he has yet to do so because they would then lock Deku away to protect him and that's not something he wants. But this might go deeper than that. Remember when Lady Nagant revealed where she was supposed to take Deku after capturing him? She mentioned that All For One gave her two months to do so.

This also falls in line with what Deku is thinking as he believes that All For One can't take One For All from him yet. It's all a matter of timing it seems as All For One is carefully laying out his plans in a very specific way. This chaos of the world factors into it as well, along with the timing of the Tartarus breakout, and this is all very deliberate until we see where all of this planning ultimately leads. But what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!