'My Hero Academia' Movie Gives Fans The Team-Up Of Their Dreams

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes treats fans to perhaps the most highly anticipated team-up in the [...]

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes treats fans to perhaps the most highly anticipated team-up in the series' history: All Might and Deku.

Warning! Small spoilers for My Hero Academia: Two Heroes lie ahead!

Fans of My Hero Academia know that nothing would mean more to its protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, than to fight alongside All Might. The young student has idolized All Might for his whole life and modeled everything after him. When the series begins, it lays this groundwork before All Might agrees to train Midoriya, and pass on his unique quirk to him.

While the odd student-teacher duo have grown close over the course of the series, they've never gotten to fight beside each other, as superheroes so often do. In a sense, they teamed up during the League of Villains attack, though they did not really work in tandem. In every conflict they have faced so far, All Might has been trying to protect Midoriya, or the other way around.

After the battle with All for One, when All Might lost his powers entirely, it looked there was no hope the two would ever fight together. All Might reflected that he had become fragile -- the kind of person that needed protection, while Midoriya was stepping up into his role as a hero. Fans had all but given up on seeing All Might and Deku standing shoulder to shoulder, smiling in the face of peril.

However, the series' first feature-length film changes all of that. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is set right in between U.A.'s final exams and their summer training camp. The story follows All Might and Midoriya to a strange man-made island, where they have been invited to visit with researchers studying quirks. They enter into a kind of meta-comic-con, where real-life heroes and enthusiasts meet with scientists, researchers and support companies to celebrate and improve on hero culture.

Of course, this peace interrupted when a gang of villains breaches the heavy security system of "I-Island," taking everyone hostage. They intend to enact an evil plan that could completely change the world of super heroes as we know it, unless someone on hand can stop them.

As the trailer clearly shows, All Might and Deku give their best effor to do just that. The movie is filled with stunning scenes of te eight and ninth holders of One for All working in tandem, going up against at least one menacing foe.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes premiered in Japan on Aug. 3. Next month, it will debut in North America in 400 theaters across the U.S. and Canada. Screenings will be held on Sept. 25, 26, 27, 29 and Oct. 2. The full details are available on the film's official website.