New My Hero Academia Animated Series Reportedly In The Works

With the fourth season of My Hero Academia having come to a close, it seems as if the current main series might have some company as a recent write up on Toho Studios reveals that the company behind the animated adventures of Midoriya and UA Academy might be getting another anime! Though details are few and far between regarding the new series, we have a few ideas about what this potential spin-off series could be when it comes to arguably the most popular superhero anime series to grace both the worlds of anime and manga.

Since debuting years back from creator Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia has skyrocketed in popularity, warranting four seasons for its anime, with a fifth confirmed, along with two feature length films. With the main series continuing in the manga, there have been a few spin-offs when it comes to the manga itself and if we had to guess which series is most primed for its own anime, we would imagine that it would be My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. Following a number of new characters who patrol crime far from the doors of UA Academy, Vigilantes is ending its manga run and would make sense to be the next big thing to hit the small screens.

The publication of License Global posted a report regarding Toho Studio, noting that the company was currently working on a "new animated series", as well as a number of other campaigns that would help spread the awareness of the hard hitting Shonen series:

My Hero Academia New Anime
(Photo: License Global)

In Vigilantes, we follow the adventures of Koichi Haimawari, aka the Crawler, as he attempts to make his way as a professional hero, taking the route of a masked crime fighter that operates outside of the halls of UA Academy. Wielding a Quirk that allows him to have agility similar to that of Marvel's Spider-Man, while also having the power to slide across surfaces, he is joined by the imposing Knuckle Duster as the further corners of the world of My Hero Academia are explored!

While the series did take an opportunity to venture into the past of UA teacher Eraserhead, this spin-off series is a brand new ball game and would definitely look amazing as an anime of its own!


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