My Hero Academia Post Credit Scene Introduces New Villain

My Hero Academia continues to tell the story of the Endeavor Agency Arc, with the latest [...]

My Hero Academia continues to tell the story of the Endeavor Agency Arc, with the latest installment of the popular anime series taking the opportunity to focus on Shoto Todoroki and his family as they held an awkward family dinner, but the most recent episode also had a post-credit scene that hinted at the arrival of a new villain. As the number one hero attempts to reconcile with his clan, it seems as if the villain known as Ending is set to make a big splash prior to the arrival of the long-awaited arc known as My Villain Academia.

Not every episode of My Hero Academia has a post-credit scene, but this one definitely sows the seeds of malice as we get a first look at this upcoming villain being released from prison and seeing Endeavor on the news, seemingly setting him on his path of revenge. If you're wondering who this new villain is who goes by the name of Ending, we are more than happy to fill you in but be forewarned, we will be diving into some deep spoiler territory as we break down the abilities of this antagonist as well as the reasoning behind why he is seeking revenge against Endeavor.

My Hero Academia Ending
(Photo: Studio Bones)

Ending is a villain who was originally captured by Endeavor seven years ago, witnessing the current number one hero capturing a small-time thief named Takami. While this no-name thief might fly over audiences' heads as it stands, the criminal actually has a major role to play when it comes to the background of one hero, with Takami actually being the father of the number two hero Hawks. Ending might have been captured by Endeavor, but the villain who has the ability to control lane lines on roads and highways, using them for defensive and offensive maneuvers, now wants the number one hero to take his life.

Currently, we're only a few episodes away from the arrival of the saga that will focus entirely on the villains in the Meta Liberation Army Arc, which will see Shigaraki and his band of antagonists facing down a new threat that will have big ramifications on the world at large.

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