My Hero Academia Preview Features Deku/Class 1-A Battle

My Hero Academia Season 6 has featured Class 1-A fighting against Shigaraki and the Paranormal Liberation Front, but now, they'll be fighting one of their own. Deku's "Dark Hero" storyline has his friends at UA Academy quite worried for their fellow student, the boy who inherited his abilities from All Might, but they might need to make things physical to bring him back from the edge. Now, a new preview for the anime adaptation's next episode gives us a taste of the UA Academy "Civil War".

My Hero Academia season 6 has been building to the final arc currently playing out in the My Hero Academia manga, which puts the previous War Arc to shame when it comes to the mass destruction and battles taking place. The new "Dark Deku" was born thanks to Izuku Midoriya believing that the only way he would keep his friends safe was by patrolling the streets at a frantic pace, wearing an outfit that has been so thoroughly torn apart that it makes him look more like a villain than a hero. Needless to say, the likes of Bakugo, Uravity, Todoroki, and Froppy aren't exactly thrilled with Deku's decision to cut them out of his life, as we'll see in the upcoming episode.

My Hero Academia: Deku Vs Class 1-A

Though Class 1-A certainly outnumbers Deku by quite a bit, the current wielder of One For All might be a bit too much for his friends to handle. With Midoriya taking down Muscular with a single shot while also defeating the sinister sniper known as Lady Nagant, the would-be Symbol of Peace has hit a level of power that might be too much for his friends to handle. Needless to say, the next episode of the anime adaptation will be one to watch.

My Hero Academia season six only has a few episodes left before the end, and while a season seven hasn't been confirmed, it's a surefire bet that Studio Bones will come back to dive into the final battle. UA Academy might only have one anime season left based on the events of the manga, though there are sure to be some serious fireworks on the small screen before Deku and company ride into the sunset. While a new movie hasn't been confirmed for the shonen series either, we wouldn't be surprised if a film would further explore the superhero universe on the silver screen.