My Hero Academia Reveals the Biggest Threat to Pro Heroes

My Hero Academia knows a thing or three about the things which heroes fear the most. The series [...]

My Hero Academia knows a thing or three about the things which heroes fear the most. The series has plenty of villains who give society grief with Shigaraki being one of its worse. Still, there are certain characteristics when it comes to villains which pros must fear the most, and it turns out Hawks has narrowed down the most dangerous trait.

As it turns out? Twice is one of the biggest examples of this trait. One day, Shigaraki will get there, but Twice has lived long enough in his seedy world to have learned the most feared thing a villain can be.

My Hero Academia explained the truth to fans in its most recent chapter. The latest release went live in Weekly Shonen Jump, and it was there Hawks broke down the truth. It turns out the Number Two hero fears Twice not because of his quirk but because of his tenacity.

"Why do you think I prioritized you when taking down villains? Because it's the ones who don't give up who heroes need to fear the most. Experienced villains with wills of steel refuse to get knocked out," Hawks said.

Of course, Hawks has a point here. There is something infinitely more threatening about a pro villain coming at you in waves rather than an ultra-powerful villain expending all their energy on one fight. This ongoing war in My Hero Academia has pitted two armies against one another, but Twice could turn the tides. Yes, his quirk is certainly powerful enough to raise alarm, but his determination to die for his friends is a whole other problem. That is why Hawks knew he needed to subdue Twice as soon as possible, but the arrival of Dabi has certainly thrown a wrench in those plans.

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