My Hero Academia Titles Tease the Length of Endeavor's Agency Arc

The Endeavor Agency Arc has shaken up things in the fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime, [...]

The Endeavor Agency Arc has shaken up things in the fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime, switching places with the Meta Liberation Army Arc, aka My Villain Academia, but the titles for the upcoming episodes reveal how long the newest storyline might be before we dive into the dark adventures of Shigaraki and his crew. With Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki set to study beneath the current number one hero Endeavor, the saga itself might be short, but it will definitely have some big implications for the future of the series, especially as the anime prepares for the War Arc.

Endeavor has been an interesting, despicable character within the roster of My Hero Academia, having put his family through hell in a bid to create the next generation of heroes that might be able to surpass All Might. Marrying his wife Rei for the sole purpose of blending his flame Quirk with her mastery over ice, the pair had seemingly lost one of their children, Toya, during Endeavor's insane training exercises. Manga fans already know that there are some insane surprises in store for the Todoroki Clan, so anime viewers should prepare themselves for some serious status quo changes in the Shonen franchise moving forward.

Twitter User MHA News broke down the upcoming titles for My Hero Academia's episodes, coming to the conclusion that the Endeavor Agency Arc is definitely setting itself up to be a quick story, running for around three episodes as the "Three Musketeers," train under the current number one hero:

While My Villain Academia has yet to begin, fans did get the chance to briefly see the dark saga in the latest episode of the anime, as Shigaraki emerges from a destroyed building with a distinctively new hairstyle. Needless to say, it's clear that My Hero Academia is venturing into some insane new territory and the world of Midoriya and his friends will never be the same, with the Joint Training Exercise Arc perhaps being the last time that the heroes will face a lighter tone.

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