My Hero Academia Celebrates 100th Episode with New Poster

My Hero Academia is one of the top shows in anime right now, and that isn't going to change [...]

My Hero Academia is one of the top shows in anime right now, and that isn't going to change anytime soon. If you did not know, season five is going on right now, and its first arc just brought the anime to a big milestone. The show is about to bring out its 100th episode, and a special key visual has been released to hype the big episode.

If you did not know, the anime hit up fans on Twitter with a special poster that celebrates our favorite green-hair hero. The My Hero Academia piece, which can be seen below, shows Izuku walking forward with his school uniform on. A giant banner is in the back showcasing the 100th episode's crest, and there is a drawing of All Might to round things out.

The simple banner makes it easy to realize how important episode 100 to the series. Any show would want to celebrate this milestone, but it is always special for an anime to reach this point. The medium is so competitive, and it can be easy to overlook one Shonen Jump title for another. By reaching episode 100, My Hero Academia joins an elite group of shows like Bleach and Naruto where success is concerned.'

There is still lots more content to cover in My Hero Academia, so fans shouldn't be surprised if another milestone comes around. It seems Izuku will likely be around for another hundred episodes, so you can look forward to more of these posters going live. After all, the manga is quite ahead of the anime at present, so there will be plenty to adapt moving forward.

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