My Hero Academia's Demand Continues to Rise Domestically Amid Season Five

My Hero Academia has been on a high as of late with its fifth season, and it is starting to show. [...]

My Hero Academia has been on a high as of late with its fifth season, and it is starting to show. While the manga continues to trend each week on Twitter, the show itself is moving along just fine domestically. It turns out the demand for season five is high, and it is only growing stateside.

The latest update on My Hero Academia went live thanks to Parrot Analytics over on Twitter. It was there the research company revealed which shows are the most demanded domestically, and My Hero Academia hit high on the list.

According to the update, My Hero Academia came in second place with an exception rating of 55. It was beaten out only by Spongebob Squarepants as the kid's show landed a solid 73.9. Third place went to Saturday Night Live with a respectable 53.6.

My Hero Academia was not the only anime on this list to be sure. Attack on Titan is clinging to a spot here even though its fourth season went on hiatus awhile back. The iconic series landed in seventh place. During the heyday of season four, Attack on Titan ranked much higher, but it has since been replaced with My Hero Academia.

Clearly, season five is doing well with fans, and its demand is only growing. This is already impressive given how recently My Hero Academia launched its comeback. The season only just finished its first arc, and it was a slower one to be fair. The Joint Training arc did deliver a big update about One For All, but its niche story did leave some fans wanting. But even so, it hasn't stopped audiences stateside from binging the anime like there is no tomorrow.

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