My Hero Academia Shares First Look at Season 5's Major New Villains

My Hero Academia has shared the first look at the major new villain group coming in the second [...]

My Hero Academia has shared the first look at the major new villain group coming in the second half of Season 5! The newest episode of the fifth season officially kicked off the second cour of the season, and with it took its first official first steps into a new arc. There's been a bit of a switcharoo, however, as this new arc is actually supposed to take place after a fan favorite villain arc. But not to worry as the newest opening theme sequence in the fifth season has confirmed this major arc is still on the way.

My Hero Academia's newest opening theme sequence is primarily focused on the currently started Endeavor Agency arc as it sees Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki are working under Endeavor, but there are several scenes and cameos alluding to the fan-favorite Meta Liberation Army arc coming our way. This includes a first look at the members of Meta Liberation Army themselves alongside a returning League of Villains. Here's a look at the two groups as spotted by @Atsushi101X on Twitter:

The previous episode of the series teased this major arc (which fans have dubbed as the "My Villain Academia" arc) would be on the way soon as we got our first look at Tomura Shigaraki in the center of destruction, but this newest opening theme confirms it even further by giving us a full glimpse of the members of the Meta Liberation Army. As teased in Episode 102 of the series, Hawks had infiltrated a mysterious group that is planning to make their move in a few months.

Their ideologies will be fleshed out further when we finally get to see them in action, but they and the League of Villains might not be after the same goal. It's also been teased that this new group has made their way into the pro heroes thanks to that ideology, and we'll see the cracks of that start to show throughout the rest of the season. But for now, this first look at these new villains is the perfect confirmation that chaos is still coming our way.

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